Ankh: Gods Of Egypt - Brettspiel-Einsatz

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  • 3D-gedruckter Brettspiel-Einsatz für Ankh: Gods Of Egypt
  • Brettspiel nicht enthalten
  • 5 minute assembly required
  • Gewicht (Box 1 & 2): 1234 g
  • Gewicht (Box 1,2 & 3): 1332 g
  • PDF-Anleitung
  • Video-Anleitung


  • Unterstützte Erweiterungen:
    • Pantheon
    • Pharaoh
    • Guardian Set
    • Divine Offerings
    • Tomb Of Wonders Stretch Goal Box
    • Kickstarter Exklusiver Inhalt
  • Vertikales Lagern unterstützt: Ja
  • Karten-Schutzhüllen unterstützt: Ja - Bis 100 μm (microns) Dicke
  • Box schließt vollständig: Ja
  • Besonderheiten: Das Insert benötigt die Grundspielbox und die Tomb Of Wonders Box. Wird das Divine Offerings Insert mit ausgewählt, wird auch die Divine Offerings Box benötigt.



  • 12 Racks für Miniaturen
  • 2 Racks für Guardians
  • 1 Gods & Guardians Insert
  • 4 3D Modelboxen
  • 14 Tokenboxen
  • 2 Kartenboxen

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A little bit disappointed

I've exchange Laserox insert for this as I don't like how the box lifts, and this insert makes it perfect.
What is disappointing though is that the gods are very tight fit - to the degree that one of them lost his staff when I was trying to fix his position in the insert.
The organisation is preety good, but taking out some of the guardians requires to disengage multiple others as all the things are so tight fit. I;m not sure whether I'm fan of that.
Aside from those two minor hiccups it's really good - the only disappointemnt is that it lacks the space for the Divine expansion

Claudio Pagni
What a insert for Ankh!

Excellent quality insert, you can see the attention to detail of the project. The game material is organizing excellently in the box. If you have Ankh Kickstarter version I absolutely recommend the insert. The only problem is the price, it's basically like buying the game again.

Christopher Tanner
Get the Terracotta!

Looks phenomenal and creative in its storage. Incredibly thoughtful to have the space for the paper and deluxe tokens and the little trays help reduce clutter during play. A home run investment for this great game!

Lindsay Cullen
Excellent insert

I have previously tried a number of foam core and wood inserts, so I was interested to try a plastic insert. This was SO easy to put together, had no mess with glue, and fitted perfectly. The insert not only allowed me to downsize the number of boxes but also makes things so much easier to get to the table. I recommend tinkeringpaws without hesitation.