Marvel United - Brettspiel-Einsatz [Kickstarter Version]

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  • 3D-gedruckter Brettspiel-Einsatz für Marvel United [Kickstarter Version]
  • Brettspiel nicht enthalten
  • Kein Zusammenbau notwendig
  • Gewicht: 1250 g
  • PDF-Anleitung


  • Unterstützte Erweiterungen:
    • Rise of the Black Panther
    • Tales of Asgard
    • Guardians of the Galaxy Remix
    • Enter the Spider-Verse
    • The Infinity Gauntlet
    • Return of the Sinister Six
    • Cardboard Locations
    • Kickstarter exklusiver Inhalt und Stretch Goals (mit Ausnahme der Playmats)
  • Vertikales Lagern unterstützt: Ja
  • Karten-Schutzhüllen unterstützt: Ja - Bis 100 μm (microns) Dicke
  • Box schließt vollständig: Nein - Eine der drei Boxen bleibt ca. 20 mm offen.
  • Besonderheiten: Unterstützt nur die Kickstarter Version des Spiels.
  • Es werden drei Boxen zum Aufbewahren des Inserts benötigt: Die große Kickstarter Stretch Goal Box, die Grundspielbox und eine der Erweiterungsboxen (z. B. "Rise of the Black Panther").


  • 6 Miniaturen-Racks
  • 1 Handschuhbox
  • 3 Tokenboxen
  • 2 Orte-Boxen
  • 6 Kartenboxen mit Unterteilern

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Un diseño 100% eficiente

Optimización del espacio y comodidad en los setup. Imposible imaginar una solución mejor. Altamente recomendable si te puedes permitir el precio.

Extremely well designed! Note: Does not support cardboard villain or plastic tokens

This insert is extremely well designed and fits as expected. The minis fit really nicely and well protected. As the insert is designed before the xmen united campaign, it doesn't take into account the plastic tokens or the cardboard villains. The plastic tokens can be stored with the xmen united inserts, but the cardboard villains need to be stored separately, which is a shame. Would have been great if there was a separate version to take that into account. Coming back to this insert, all in all it is great and covers everything you need for the marvel united items. As mentioned, it's definitely able to minimise the space required for the boxes.


Really a high quality insert! Reduces all eight boxes to only three and has quick access to everything. Great ideas behind the structure and every single part. Price seems a little bit high at first but if you would buy inserts for all boxes separately you would pay more and would get less quality/need more space. Also exemplary shipping.

Minor thing: the miniature racks in my version do not fit the box completely, there is ~1cm space to the edge of the stretch goal box. Maybe the second version delivered with the X-Men Kickstarter had different measures?!


Wow! This is an Amazing insert. Everything fits like a glove. The makes fits in only 3 boxes. It offers great accessibility. I can pick and choose the heroes and villains with ease! I don't have to dig for anything! I could do an infomercial for this amazing insert! It delivered big time! It is pricey, but there is a reason for it! It is that good! Thank you so so much for this wonderful insert and yes of course , I could totally recommend this one. I will forever be a fan of this Etsy Shop.

Stephan Lyncker

It can't get better than this