Marvel Zombies - Brettspiel-Einsatz

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  • Vertikales Lagern unterstützt: Ja
  • Karten-Schutzhüllen unterstützt: Ja - Bis 100 μm (microns) Dicke
  • Box schließt vollständig:Ja
  • Benötigte Boxen: Grundspielbox, X-Men Resistance & Stretch Goal Box



  • 18 Miniaturenboxen
  • 9 Tokenboxen
  • 4 Kartenboxen mit Unterteilern

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Darren Williams
Expensive but highly effective

The price is a lot on top of an already expensive game, I had a problem with the processing of my order but contacted the team who got it sorted in no time - excellent customer service.

The product itself is fantastic, well constructed and superbly efficient.

Robert Heiret
Extremely impressive work

I really appreciate being able to put this entire, bloated game into three boxes, and marvel (ha!) at the engineering cleverness that made it possible. My only real complaint (and this may have been flat impossible) is that, because some of the trays are different heights, I can't organize the minis as freely as I want to, because there's usually some tall figure that means I can't put all of Spider-Man's enemies into one tray or whatever.

Still a fantastic product, though. If you can afford it, it's a solid purchase.

Reluctant @ price, BUT NO REGRETS!

I didn't get the entire devourer pledge that this supports, but I did get most of what was available. When I saw the price and figured I would have "dead" space because of missing content, I was really on the fence. After a couple of months of trying to come up with a DIY solution and tabling the game a few times as is, I broke down and decided to make the plunge. I am so glad I did! Albeit, there is some "dead" space in my boxes, getting the game to the table in minimal time is totally worth it!!

Trent Y

Not much to say other than it does exactly what it says. It compresses the game into 3 boxes, which is perfect for me. This is my 2nd Tinkerpaws product and it never ceases to amaze me the ability to compress all that wasted space into something that works. About the only point of confusion was from the instruction video - I would have liked to have them point out that some mini trays were specifically taller than others and your tall minis should go there. I ended up not realizing that because the taller trays were later in the video. But otherwise, this is a great product.


Super great! However the added gift Tetris cube is infuriating me! I can't solve it! Grr lol