Zombicide: Friends and Foes / No Rest for the Wicked - Brettspiel-Einsatz

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  • 3D-gedruckter Brettspiel-Einsatz für Zombicide: Friends and Foes & No Rest for the Wicked
  • Brettspiel nicht enthalten
  • Kein Zusammenbau notwendig
  • Gewicht: 415 g
  • PDF-Anleitung
  • Video-Anleitung


  • Unterstützte Erweiterungen:
    • Friends and Foes
    • No Rest for the Wicked
    • Deadeye Walkers
    • Special Guest: Adrian Smith #2
    • Special Guest: Carl Critchlow
    • Special Guest Eduard Guiton    
    • Special Guest:  Gipi
    • Special Guest John Howe    
    • Special Guest Jovem Nerd    
    • Special Guest Karl Kopinski    
    • Special Guest Neal Adams    
    • Special Guest Paolo Parente
    • Special Guest Stephan Kopinski
    • Homer
    • Benson
    • Thunder Cats Pack #1
    • Thunder Cats Pack #2
    • Thunder Cats Pack #3
    • Kickstarter exklusive Inhalte & Stretch Goals
  • Vertikales Lagern unterstützt: Ja
  • Karten-Schutzhüllen unterstützt: Ja - Bis 100 μm (microns) Dicke
  • Box schließt vollständig: Nein - Box bleibt ca. 10 mm offen.
  • Besonderheiten: Friends and Foes oder No Rest for the Wicked Box wird benötigt.



  • 5 Boxen für Miniaturen
  • 2 Kartenboxen mit Unterteilern

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Omid Taban-Franz
A dream come true - mind-blowing!!

Specific review for insert for Zombicide Black Plague/Green Horde/Friends and Foes:
- It's a dream come true inserts cause you can easily combined all 3 inserts and change the order where to put all things. So it works perfect for people only having one of this games but perfectly fine for people with All-in too. Almost all normal sized miniature can be put everywhere in the inserts with the exception of the Thundercats, which has a bigger base and therefore a dedicated position in the insert. You can sort all heroes in 2 trays in alfabetical order to be able to find them fast and easy. Having the enemies in vertical trays save a lot of space on the table and is still easy to table
This is my must wanted inserts of all time and being able to have the complete "medival" Zombicide condensed in only this few boxes is mind-blowing and so much easier to get to the table!!!

General review for product and company (having several inserts from Tinkeringpawns with common attributes):

1) SAVE shelvespace with HUGE reduction of game boxes
-> smart insert layout, mostly 50% reduction (Horizon zero dawn from 12 down to 5 boxes)
--> outstanding compared to other inserts!!!

2) Excellent print quality, the best I have seen so far, very smooth surface.

3) Great balance between hard/flexibel material
-> normally plastic inserts are often floppy, too flexibel while wooden insert are hard but heavy making traveling/lifting difficult
--> These printed inserts are stable but put very little weight to the box!

4) NO assembly
-> most inserts needs assembly and most often gluing which takes from 60-120 min and sometimes are a pain in the a.. to assemble.
--> NOT here, these insers are ready to go

5) Very detailed and helpful instruction manual, both as pdf and video how to place it all.

6) Inserts are always multipart and can be taken out for gameplay
-> reduced downtime for game assembly

7) Some parts of the insert are "interconnected" in a smart way which gives extra stability inside the box.

8) Extreme customer friendly and reply takes only some hours if not directly.

9) Delivery extreme fast, most often faster than promised

10) Excellent packaging
-> almost every single tray/box is covered by bubble-plastic