Root - Brettspiel-Einsatz

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  • 3D-gedruckter Brettspiel-Einsatz für Root
  • Brettspiel nicht enthalten
  • Kein Zusammenbau notwendig
  • Gewicht: 480 g (Komplettes Insert)
  • Gewicht: 250 g (Marauders Upgrade Pack)
  • PDF-Anleitung


  • Unterstützte Erweiterungen:
    • Riverfolk
    • Underworld
    • Marauder
    • Clockwork #1
    • Clockwork #2
    • The Exiles and Partisans Deck
    • Vagabond Pack
    • Hirelings Pack
    • Landmark Pack
    • Resin Clearing Markers
  • Vertikales Lagern unterstützt: Ja
  • Karten-Schutzhüllen unterstützt: Ja - Bis 100 μm (microns) Dicke
  • Box schließt vollständig: Nein
  • Bitte beachten:
    • Dieses Insert benötigt eine zweite Box um die Anleitungen und Spielbretter aufzubewahren.
    • Das "Marauders Upgrade Pack" ist nur für Kunden bestimmt, die dieses Insert vor dem Erscheinen der Marauders Erweiterung gekauft haben.

Inhalt (Komplettes Insert)

  • 10 Fraktionsboxen
  • 1 Hirelingsbox
  • 4 Tokenboxen
  • 1 Kartenbox

Inhalt (Marauders Upgrade Pack)

  • 2 Fraktionsboxen
  • 1 Hirelingsbox
  • 1 Tokenboxen
  • 1 Kartenbox

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Hammond Buckland
Perfect solution!

Great insert for Root, well made with clear instructions on how to arrange them in the box. So happy to be able to fit it all in one box! (with a slight bit of box lift but nothing extreme)

James Moorhouse

Cannot say enough nice things - see my review on the Facbeook Root Group -

Would highly recommend

Austin M Soto

This is a fantastic insert for ROOT. Having the components pre-assembled for a game with this many boxes was a huge relief. Please note that this insert fits the pieces for Underworld and Riverfolk expansions, but strangely enough does not seem to have been designed with the Clockwork Expansion in mind. The cards and pieces for Clockwork DO fit in here, but you'll need to decide where to put them yourself. Not at all a major detraction from this really awesome product. Would recommend for anyone who has the expansions!


Great solution to a game with many expansions/boxes. Another wonderfully efficient design by Tinkering Paws. Fits sleeved cards without issue. Be forewarned that shipping to the US can be painfully slow despite being shipped out by seller within a reasonable amount of time. DHL took over two months to deliver as it shipped via boat.