Newsletter #2: Batman, Jaws of the Lion & more

Welcome to the second Tinkering Paws Newsletter! This time we have a lot of new products. So let's get started! 

Batman Gotham City Chronicles Insert

We were finally able to release our insert for Batman Gotham City Chronicles! This insert is enormous. 14 boxes and 10 miniature racks - this beast will let you store all Season 1 and Season 2 content in just the two base game boxes! Order your insert today and save plenty of space in your board game shelf!
Buy it here!

The list of contents is huge and a very detailed 50-page instruction will show you exactly how to place all those miniatures.

All contents stored securely within the two base game boxes.

Jaws of the Lion Insert & Dashboards

We have finally received our copy of Gloomhaven - Jaws of the Lion. This time we decided to create two versions of our insert. The Standard Version will store all components of the game, while the Premium Version does the same, but comes with four Dashboards, that can be stored in the game box!

Both versions of the insert can be bought here!

Only interested in the Dashboards? Click here!

Starcadia Quest Insert

If you are a fan of Starcadia Quest, we also have something for you! An insert that stores all components and expansions of the Kickstarter Campaign (except the Showdown Expansion).

Get it here!

Night of the Living Dead Insert

It's a little bit late for Halloween, but we've still released an Insert for Night of the Living Dead! It supports the Dead of Night Expansion and all Kickstarter Exclusive Content!

Get it here!

More News

We also have a couple of smaller news, so let's summarize them!

  1. Our Fallout Insert was updated to support the Atomic Bonds Expansion. Get it here!
  2. Our Terraforming Mars Tiles Storage System does now come with a lid! The lid is also sold separately, in case you already own the Storage System. Get it here!
  3. Everything that was previously available in our Terraforming Mars Accessories Kickstarter Campaign has now been added to our online shop. Visit and you won't miss it!


Thanks for supporting us, have a pawsome time and see you next time!

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