Horizon Zero Dawn - Board Game Insert

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  • 3D printed board game insert for Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Board game not included
  • No assembly required
  • Weight (Box 5: Yes): 1656 g
  • Weight (Box 5: No): 1294 g
  • PDF instruction
  • Video instruction


 Basic data

  • Supported expansions:
    • Fireclaw
    • Forge & Hammer
    • Frozen Wilds
    • Heart of the Nora
    • Kickstarter Exclusives Box
    • Lawless Badlands
    • Rockbreaker
    • Sacred Land
    • Soldiers Of The Sun
    • Stormbird
    • Thunderjaw
    • Kickstarter Stretch Goals & exclusive content
  • Supports vertical storage: No
  • Supports card sleeves: Yes - Up to 100 μm (microns) thickness
  • Box fully closes: Yes - except Box 5
  • Please Note: This insert requires 4 game boxes. We recommend two small boxes (height: 90 mm) and two medium boxes (height: 100 mm).
    If you choose the "Box 5" option another game box is required. We recommend a big box (height: 110 mm).
  • The "Box 5" option supports the following miniatures:
    • Stormbird (wings separated from the body)
    • Rockbreaker
    • Thunderjaw
    • Deathbringer
    • Corruptor (2x)



  • 14 Racks for Miniatures
  • 2 Inserts for Oversized Miniatures
  • 4 Token Boxes
  • 8 Card Boxes and 34 Dividers
  • 1 Place Holder

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Patrick Fischer
Gutes Lagerungskonzept

Alles passt gut dahin, wo es soll. Dank der Videoanleitung bekommt man es gut hin.

Thomas Havregaard

Super nice product. I could not have printed Any of the parts better myself. A huge investment, but worth it. A clear 5/5.

Alain Bachmann

Wie die Vorredner, alles Tip Top. Es kam prompt an und in der bestellten Farbe, mit einem kleinen Goodie dazu.
Ich habe mir die Anleitung wie es zusammengehört als A6 Booklet gedruckt, damit ich nicht vergesse was wo hin gehört 🙂
Nun habe ich den Platz, um die fehlenden Erweiterungen zu kaufen. Danke!

Konstantinos Kouravanas
Great product

Very well designed and crafted. It’s very expensive for an insert but it gets the job done. It compresses and organises a huge 12 box game that now fits in 2 Kallax spaces

Omid Taban-Franz
You won't believe your eyes, immense shelve-space saver!!

The all-in of this game is really a shame considering how much air is in every game box and there are 12 of them, outch. But exactly here shines Tinkeringpawns insert design. With only 2.5 boxes needed for the miniature all miniatures are stored, unbelievable and I am so grateful for that!! And that's not all, the insert is giving you even condensed easy access to all miniatures!! Love this insert!!!

General review for product and company (having several inserts from Tinkeringpawns with common attributes):

1) SAVE shelvespace with HUGE reduction of game boxes
-> smart insert layout, mostly 50% reduction (Horizon zero dawn from 12 down to 5 boxes)
--> outstanding compared to other inserts!!!

2) Excellent print quality, the best I have seen so far, very smooth surface.

3) Great balance between hard/flexibel material
-> normally plastic inserts are often floppy, too flexibel while wooden insert are hard but heavy making traveling/lifting difficult
--> These printed inserts are stable but put very little weight to the box!

4) NO assembly
-> most inserts needs assembly and most often gluing which takes from 60-120 min and sometimes are a pain in the a.. to assemble.
--> NOT here, these insers are ready to go

5) Very detailed and helpful instruction manual, both as pdf and video how to place it all.

6) Inserts are always multipart and can be taken out for gameplay
-> reduced downtime for game assembly

7) Some parts of the insert are "interconnected" in a smart way which gives extra stability inside the box.

8) Extreme customer friendly and reply takes only some hours if not directly.

9) Delivery extreme fast, most often faster than promised

10) Excellent packaging
-> almost every single tray/box is covered by bubble-plastic