Newsletter #3: Root, Twilight Imperium, Tainted Grail & more

Welcome to the third Tinkering Paws Newsletter! As always we are having a lot of new products. So let's get started!

Tainted Grail Insert

We have finally released our Tainted Grail Insert, and it is supporting everything that was part of the Kickstarter (except the playmat).

  • Base Game
  • Age Of Legends Expansion
  • Last Knight Expansion
  • Red Death Expansion
  • Echoes of the Past Expansion
  • Donkey, Companions, Niamh & Metal Coins

There is a separate insert that will store the miniatures that were offered in the following addons:

  • Mounted Heroes
  • Monsters of Avalon
  • Monsters of Avalon: Past & Future

Tainted Grail Insert (Unsleeved Cards)

Tainted Grail Insert (Sleeved Cards)

Monsters & Mounted Heroes Insert

The version for unsleeved cards requires the Base Game Box and one small Expansion Box (i.e. Red Death) and is available here.

The version for sleeved cards requires the Base Game Box and one big Expansion Box (i.e. Age of Legends & Last Knight) and is available here.

The Monsters & Mounted Heroes Insert requires the "Monsters of Avalon: Past and Future" Box and is available here.

Twilight Imperium 4: Prophecy of Kings

After the release of the "Prophecy of Kings" Expansion for Twilight Imperium 4 we have not only released an upgrade pack, but also redesigned some of the components.

  • All faction boxes now have symbols instead of faction names - making it easier for people who do not own the english version of the game.
  • Ship Boxes are now available in two versions: Standard (with one compartment for all ships) and Premium (with individual compartments for each different type of ship)

The Upgrade Pack for previous customers is available here.

The insert for new customers can be found here.

Twilight Imperium 4: Accessories

We have also added multiple accessories for Twilight Imperium 4 to our shop:

  • Galaxy Frame that will keep all your system tiles in place and supports every galaxy combination that's in the rulebook. Available here.
  • Strategy Board that will hold the Strategy Cards and corresponding tokens, so you can pass them around the table. Available here.
  • Fleet Stand that allows easier movement of fleets. Available here.

Root Insert & 3D Token

We have created an insert and 3D Tokens for Root! Both products support the following expansions:

  • Riverfolk
  • Vagabond Pack
  • Underworld
  • Exiles and Partisans Deck

An Upgrade Pack for the "Clockwork" and "Marauder" expansions will be available once the "Marauder" expansion is released.

The insert is available here.

The 3D Tokens are available here.

More News

We also have a couple of smaller news, so let's summarize them!

  1. Our Civilization Insert was updated for the "Terra Incognita" expansion. Unfortunately, no Upgrade Pack for previous customers is available, as we needed to redesign the insert from scratch. It can be found here.
  2. We have designed a Tiles Pack for the Terraforming Mars Fan Expansion Ides of Mars and it is available here.
  3. Our insert for Chronicles of Crime will let you store the 1400, 1900, 2400 and the Chronicles of Time expansion in just one box - get it here.

Thanks for supporting us, have a pawsome time and see you next time!

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