Newsletter #1: Terraforming Mars Late Pledge And Upcoming Products

Hello everybody and welcome to the very first Tinkering Paws Newsletter! This time we'll speak about our Terraforming Mars Accessories Kickstarter Campaign and how you can late pledge.

If you're not interested in Terraforming Mars, scroll to the end of this Newsletter and read some interesting news about our upcoming products!


The Terraforming Mars Kickstarter Campaign

Alright! If you've missed our Kickstarter Campaign and you're waiting for the late pledge, here is the link: Late Pledge

If you would like to have a few more information before you start, we're happy to summarize what's available in the Pledge Manager. This list is not complete, but we don't want to squeeze everything in here. So if you would like to see all the available items with some additional information, you can read Update #11 of our Kickstarter Campaign.

The very core of our Campaign was a collection of 3d-printed accessories for Terraforming Mars. A Terraforming Committee, Resource Tokens, a First Player Marker and alot more. You can choose all those accessories individually in the pledge manager our buy everything as a set - together with a storage box or without - just as you like!

During the campaign we decided to create a special 28-Tile Pack that will complement the official Big Box Tiles. What does complement mean?

The Big Box only has generic tiles for Cities and Greeneries. We have individual tiles for every card that places a tile on the game board. So this pack includes unique tiles for Corporate Stronghold, Immigrant City, Noctis City, Wildlife Dome and 24 other tiles!

We also decided to create some tile packs for fan expansion. This is the tiles pack for the Pathfinder Fan Expansion.

[See Update #9 for additional information]

... we've also created a tiles pack for the Ares Fan Expansion ...

[See Update #5 for additional information]

... and one for the The Moon Fan Expansion.
[See Update #10 for additional information]

Now let's head over to our pledge manager!

Upcoming Products

Not everybody is into Terraforming Mars, and we spent quite some time with it in the last weeks. So what else are we planning?

There are actually multiple projects we are working, and that will be released over the next one or two months:

  • Insert for Batman Gotham City Chronicles: It will support every content that is available for Season 1 & 2. And you will only need two or three boxes to store all of its content!
  • Insert for Starcadia Quest: It will support all the "big box" expansions: Space Oddities Box, Arrrmada and Build-A-Robot
  • We are also planning an Insert for Root but don't have any more detailed information about it at the moment.

    We also had several people ask questions about Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion and the first expansion for Twilight Imperium 4: Prophecy of Kings. Good news: We will be creating inserts for both of them!

    Thanks for supporting us, have a pawsome time and see you next time!

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