Tinkering Paws - The road so far

'Do you really think we can make a living from that?'

While I was living for a year in Japan, I got the idea to build my own 3D printer. So before my time in Japan ended in 2017, I ordered a 3D printer online and It just arrived when I came home to Germany.

I loved to build it, and I loved to tinker with it, but as soon as the 3D printer was finished and ready to print ... well... I had no clue what to print with it.🤷

The next thing that happened, was the Gloomhaven. That 10kgs colossus of a board game, with more than 2500 cards, tokens, standees, dials, ...

After several game sessions it became clear that we needed a storage solution. And what could be more obvious than to design our own? Thus, our very first insert had been made! 🥳 It is the Gloomhaven standard version, that's still available today. However, it was redesigned a few months later, because we underestimated the destructive force of international shipping. 

If any customer from 2018 or 2019 is reading this: THANK YOU!

Thank you for bearing with us while we made our inserts sturdier and redesigned them. We have improved our packaging and if it weren't for living up to your expectations, we might have just closed the shop.

We have worked hard for the shop (me as a student AND at some point pregnant, now with a kid and my hubby as a full timer and parent) and there were ups and downs. We have asked ourselves why we are doing this and if we really can make a living from that. I mean, it was just an idea to sell our Gloomhaven insert and you liked our insert and we have made another one which you also liked and...

... now we are here. Both fully employed by our customers, creating inserts and accessories for your favorite board games which we love to play as well!

From our humble beginnings back in 2018 we have gone from one 3d printer to a total of 9 relentlessly running printers, created 67 unique products and fulfilled more than overwhelmingly positively receipted 3.500 orders in our Etsy shop over the last 3 years.

As we seek to improve ourselves in response to your amazing support, we upped our game to shopify in hopes to provide you with better service regarding a more pleasant shop appearance, clearer structure, peeks behind the scenes and such!

We are feeling blessed that we have gotten this opportunity and used it to earn a living with your help.

So THANK YOU! Please continue supporting us, spread the word and cherish the moments when spending time with your friends and family at your favorite board games! 🥰 Keep playing!

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  • I was so delighted with my Scythe insert that I just bought two more inserts for Gloomhaven and Jaws of the Lion! You guys are AMAZING, thanks!

    Joe Bedford

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