Here are your frequently asked questions! We will gradually expand this section with your general questions! =D


1. When will I get my order?

If there aren't any circumstances that might affect shipping, here is a list for our standard shipping options with the average amount of days (will be updated frequently):

Country Average Shipping Duration in Days
Australia 16,5
Austria 2,5
Belgium 2
Brazil 18
Canada 14
China 22,5
Czech 3,5
Denmark 2,5
Finland 5,5
France 3
Great Britain 3,5
Greece 6,5
Hungary 4
Italy 3
Japan 9,5
Malta 7
Netherlands 2,5
Poland 2,5
Singapore 18
Slowenia 2,5
South Korea 11,5
Spain 4
Sweden 3,5
Switzerland 4,5
USA 10,5


2. Will you make an insert for board game X?

In general, we back board games with 10k backers. If it has a lower number, we might back it if it appeals to us. BUT you have the power to vote for the next insert. On Facebook / Metaverse and Instagram we will have a survey for this purpose. If you can't participate you can still let us know by contacting us. And if you want to take part in this survey, we can send you the link and all of the future links :) Just let us know!

3. My order hasn't arrived yet. What should I do?

Contact us! We will move mountains to make your parcel move again! We will issue an investigation with DHL and if it got lost, we will send you a replacement. 

4. I received damaged items. What now?

If you can already see a damaged package, please let it get noted by the delivery man. If the parcel seems fine on the outside and a part or some parts got damaged, please send us a photo. With that, we will be able to send you a replacement :)

5. My items seem to be kind of warped. Why?

We use economically friendly materials but due to that, it gets easier 'wobbly' as ABS. If you have a hair dryer you can heat it carefully and then bend it in its original position. Otherwise, send us an e-mail =D

P.S.: Please don't leave your insert in the sun or car in summer! You might get a little surprise otherwise...

6. Do you have a discount code?

Nope! We always print your orders on demand and thus we don't need to clear our warehouse ;D But there are some rare occasions that we have some discount codes. Additionally, whenever we release a new insert, you can get the chance to win it! Make sure to follow us on Facebook / Metaverse or Instagram to get notified :)