Civilization: A New Dawn - Board Game Insert

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  • 3D printed board game insert for Civilization: A New Dawn
  • Board game not included
  • No assembly required
  • Weight: 460 g
  • PDF instruction


 Basic data

  • Supported expansions:
    • Terra Incognita
  • Supports vertical storage: No
  • Supports card sleeves: Yes - Up to 100 μm (microns) Thickness
  • Box fully closes: Yes



  • 5 Player Boxes with lids
  • 3 Token Boxes
  • 7 Card Boxes
  • 1 Map Tile Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This insert makes the base game plus the expansion fit in the base game box. Everything has its own place, I really like the player boxes. Plus there is still enough space remaining in the box for my custom wonders.


Super Produkt, schneller Versand und alles reibungslos.


Shipping not seller's fault!!! Be prepared if ordering for the US to wait (months possibly), but it is TOTALLY worth it!!! Really well-made and I'm so excited for the organization. Only tiny bummer is that the larger cards can't be in protective sleeves to fit the container properly. Overall, if I need an organizer for another game, I'll be back!!

nicolas mainville

Awesome product for civilization. It Takes now 5 minutes to set up the Game .. really awesome ! Now i am Waiting an insert for root And gaia project !


Shipped on time, arrived in perfect condition - and is some of the most thoughtful and efficient design I've ever seen in an insert. The game has a TON of tokens and player cards of different sizes, but compared to using token bins and plastic baggies to store everything, this setup perfectly compartmentalizes everything in a stackable design that fits expertly into the original game box's dimensions, without removing the cardboard rails, and makes setup and teardown unbelievably fast. Everything that players need are stored in individual boxes that neatly separates the pieces, and the stackable card organizers and token trays put everything else easily in reach. The game even stores vertically with this insert, with the rules book acting as a cover for the trays, and without adding height to the box. You want this!