Forgotten Circles - Upgrade for Gloomhaven Premium Board Game Insert

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 Basic data

  • Supported expansions:
    •  Forgotten Circles
  • Supports vertical storage: No
  • Supports card sleeves: Optional - Up to 100 μm (microns) thickness
  • Box fully closes: Yes


Please note

  • This is an Upgrade Pack for the “Forgotten Circles” expansion. It is intended for customers who purchased the Gloomhaven Premium board game insert before June 2019. There are four versions to choose from:
  • Full Upgrade - Unsleeved Cards: Replaces all boxes that have been changed since we updated our premium insert for “Forgotten Circles”. Not compatible with card sleeves.
  • Full Upgrade - Sleeved Cards: Like "Full Upgrade - Unsleeved Cards", but with support for card sleeves.
  • Mini Upgrade - Unsleeved Cards: Replaces one box and adds two new boxes. Not compatible with card sleeves.
  • Mini Upgrade - Sleeved Cards: Like "Mini Upgrade - Unsleeved Cards", but with support for card sleeves.


Content Full Upgrade Pack

  • 1 Monster Standee Tray
  • 4 Card Boxes with dividers
  • 3 Token Boxes


Content Mini Upgrade Pack

  • 1 Monster Mini Standee Tray
  • 2 Card Boxes with dividers

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Dustin Aldridge

The upgrade insert is absolutely phenomenal! I already owned the original base inserts from before the expansion came out, so I was hoping that the seller would create an upgrade set and viola! they did! The quality is fantastic, they arrived very quickly, and the seller made sure that the upgrade set is what I wanted! Heartily recommend both product and seller! When more expansions come out I will most definitely be keeping an eye for this sellers inserts, and will be purchasing them immediately.