Gloomhaven - Jaws of the Lion - Character Dashboard & Storage

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  • 3D printed character dashboard for Gloomhaven – Jaws of the Lion
  • Board game not included
  • No assembly required
  • Weight: 150 g
  • PDF instruction


 Basic data

  • Supports card sleeves: Yes - Up to 100 μm (microns) thickness
  • All important information of the Character Board is fully visible.
  • There are two tracks to display your HP and XP-Points.
  • Item Cards and active Ability Cards can be placed in three slots.
  • The Dashboard has four trays for the following cards: Discarded & Lost Ability Cards, Attack Modifier Deck and Attack Modifier discard pile.
  • One storage deck is included to store all character relevant components (except the Character Miniature and the Character Pad).
  • Please note: The space in the Dashboard is limited. If you use card sleeves, you can only sleeve the cards you are currently using.
  • The colors shown in the pictures are: Red, Silver, Dark Blue and Dark Orange.



  • 1 Character Dashboard
  • 3 red and 3 blue cubes, as XP and HP-Tracker (one of each as spare parts)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Perfekt passt sehr gut alles rein! Bin gespannt wenn ich das Premium Inlet bekomme wie es sich so dann insgesamt in die Schachtel fügt.


Perfekt. Ideale Alternative zu den Inserts am Markt! Hab mir das Premium Insert bestellt bin gespannt


The insert is WONDERFUL! It is so much easier to set up and its organized so beautifully. I had a hard time with how disorganized the original game insert was; it was difficult to grab the pieces you need easily durring a scenario but that is all gone now. My partner hated how long set up took before, and this new insert completely erases that struggle!


Super schnelle Lieferung, super freundlicher Kontakt. Alles hat seinen Platz und Ordnung. 1* Abzug gibt es weil die Box nicht mehr sauber schliesst. Da ich ein kleiner Monk bin stört mich das etwas. Gibt eine Kaufempfehlung