The Great Wall - Board Game Insert

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 Basic data

  • Supported expansions:
    • 5th Player
    • Ancient Beasts
    • Ancient Chronicles
    • Black Powder
    • Genghis Khan
    • Iron Dragon
    • Rat
    • Upgraded Resources
    • Kickstarter exclusive content and Stretch Goals
  • Supports vertical storage: No
  • Supports card sleeves: Yes - Up to 100 μm (microns) thickness
  • Box fully closes: Yes
  • Please note: You will need the base game box and the Black Powder expansion box to store this insert.



  • 6 Racks for Miniatures
  • 5 Card Boxes & 25 Dividers
  • 3 Token Boxes

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

It's a great insert


Overall, it's a good insert. Everything fits nicely and is well organized and relatively quick to table. A couple of things make it less that the perfect solution for me. Some of the base walls are a little too tight for painted miniature bases, but that boils down to paint thickness and is only a slight bother with ths scraping of the paint feeling a little awkward when inserting the miniatures the first few times. My bigger quibble is with the dividers. The plastic of the dividers only covers the borders of the cards, so they can be angled slightly so as to be both in front of and behind a card, making it a bit fiddly when inserting them into the trays. That said, I would still recommend this insert.

Dean White
Even room to spare - Great Wall

Love that I can fit everything with both the walls and towers built. Super fast shipping and nice insert. Best option I found.

A.H.W. van Assem
Top Insert

Very nice insert for The Great Wall so I can keep the towers/walls put together. Some slots are a bit tight and with Sundrop the bases may wear off.

Michael Demao
Great insert

Some of the slots for the legendary creatures were too tight to fit the figures, but they all still fit in the box. Other than that, this insert met all of my needs and allowed me to fit everything from this game into 2 boxes very comfortably, saving me a ton of shelf space. I will be ordering from Tinkering Paws again in the future!