Monster Hunter World - Board Game Insert

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  • 3D printed board game insert for Monster Hunter World
  • This insert supports all miniatures in assembled state.
  • Board game not included
  • Weight:
    • 1960 g (Azure Rathalos & Black Diablos supported)
    • 1640 g (Azure Rathalos & Black Diablos not supported)
  • PDF instruction 
  • Video instruction


 Basic data

  • Supported content:
    • Ancient Forest Core Box
    • Wildspire Waste Core Box
    • Hunter's Arsenal Expansion
    • Kulu-Ya-Ku Expansion
    • Kushala Daora Expansion
    • Nergigante Expansion
    • Teostra Expansion
    • Azure Rathalos & Black Diablos Expansion (optional)
    • Kickstarter exclusive content and Stretch Goals
  • Supports vertical storage: No
  • Supports card sleeves: Yes - Up to 100 μm (microns) thickness
  • Box fully closes: No
    • One core box stays open ~ 5 mm.
    • The Azure Rathalos & Black Diablos Box stays open ~ 35 mm.
  • Required boxes: Ancient Forest Box, Wildspire Waste Box & Kushala Daora Box. The Azure Rathalos & Black Diablos Box is required if your chosen option supports that expansion.



  • 2 or 3 Inserts to store the Monsters & Hunters
  • 5 Token Boxes with lids
  • 11 Card Boxes with dividers

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Purfect Insert

Inserts are good and help with with packing and unpacking the game easier. If I get any more games and inserts are done by these guys, then will get them.

Awesome design for the Monster Hunter The Board game inserts!!

99% fit the box and figures as the video, the remain 1% due to my Diorama acrylic paints and some figure parts deformed during factory, makes some parts not suit as tutorial. But those are just minor problems and finally can fine tune them~~~

Look forward to see more board game inserts in the future, and hope can co-operate again!!~~~

A fantastic Insert

I love this insert, I've bought from Tinkering Paws before but this was by far my biggest purchase and it did not disappoint, seeing the bigger monsters squeeze in with the rest was amazing. It's well made and certainly better organised than the one the game came with. Finally the token trays are a neat way of organising the game table during play. Really happy with this!

C. Larson

This is now my 4th boardgame insert I've bought from TinkeringPaws and they are always excellent.