Resident Evil 3 - Board Game Insert

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Works with the Retail Edition!
It will create quite a lid lift, but you can prevent it with the following trick: Place our insert in the City of Ruin lid and close it with the top of the base game box.



  • 3D printed board game insert for Resident Evil 3
  • Board game not included
  • No assembly required
  • Weight Box 1: 650 g
  • Weight Box 1 & 2: 850 g
  • PDF instruction
  • Video instruction


 Basic data

  • Supported expansions:
    • City Of Ruin
    • The Last Escape
    • Retro Pack
    • Terrain Pack
    • Monster Box
    • Hunter Monster Box
    • Dice Pack
    • Raccoon City Kickstarter Tiles
    • Kickstarter exclusive content and Stretch Goals
  • Supports vertical storage: Yes
  • Supports card sleeves: Yes - Up to 100 μm (microns) thickness
  • Box fully closes: No - The small box will not fully close (~10mm).
  • Please note: Base game box and optionally one of the small expansion boxes are required. This insert is compatible with the retail box. However, the lid remains open a few centimeter.


Available Options:

"Box 1 & 2":

  • Is needed to store the "Terrain Pack".
  • Is needed to store the "Retro Pack" if you use card sleeves.

"Box 1"

  • Will not store the "Terrain Pack".
  • Will store cards with card sleeves, but not if you own the "Retro Pack".
  • Will store the "Retro Pack" without card sleeves.



  • 7 Miniature Boxes
  • 2 Terrain Pack Boxes
  • 2 Token Boxes
  • 2 Map Tile Boxes
  • 5 Card Boxes

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michael W
Almost perfection

The 3d printed material is robust enough to handle removal and replacement of the trays before and after gameplay. Everything is a nice tight fit and (I purchased the set for the all-in Tier with add-ons) everything fits in one big box (Kept the main one) and one small box (kept the Terrain box). Have some room left over, but it does push the lids of those two boxes up by 3-7mm each. BUT everything fits and fits well! I'm a fan.

Dave A
Really well-designed

Works incredibly well, has allowed me to go from a 52L plastic tub for all my RE3 game stuff to two of the original game boxes on my shelf. Just excellent.


It's an amazing product, all the content in just 2 boxes and everything is easy to pick for a faster way to setup the scenario. I can't wait for the Resident Evil 1 version and still hope there will be an Resident Evil 2 version like this one.

Resi Evil 3 in a box

Amazing product that makes setting up, playing, packing away and storing so easy. There is so much content with all of the expansions and it all fits nicely into the original box. Wish I'd bought it sooner. I will definitely buy from Tinkering Paws again if applicable.

Resi Evil 3 insert

Absolutely amazing items, lifts the lids on the retail boxes by around 2cm but reduces the amount of space needed if you own the full set of 3 boxes of tiles/minis. Especially loved the personalised touch of the small bag of gummy sweets included. Also was less than a week between ordering and receiving it to my front door from Germany to UK