Tainted Grail - Board Game Insert [Sleeved Cards]

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  • 3D printed board game insert for Tainted Grail
  • Board game not included
  • No assembly required
  • Weight: 950 g
  • PDF instruction


 Basic data

  • Supported expansions:
    • The Last Knight
    • Age of Legends
    • Red Death
    • Echoes of the Past
    • Niamh
    • Donkey Pack
    • Metal Dials
  • Supports vertical storage: Not recommended
  • Supports card sleeves: Yes - Up to 100 μm (microns) thickness - (Click here for no card sleeve support)
  • Box fully closes: Yes
  • Please note: The base game box and the “Age of Legends” / “Last Knight” box is required.
    Click here for an insert for the miniatures of “Monsters of Avalon”, “Monsters of Avalon: Past and Future” and “Mounted Heroes”.



  • 2 Card Box for small cards
  • 6 Card Boxes for medium cards
  • 1 Card Box for big cards
  • 4 Card Boxes for active characters
  • 1 Token Box
  • 1 Menhir Box
  • 1 Miniature Box
  • Card Dividers

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pawsome if you have everything

The insert is great if you have all the Expansions from Tainted Grail. If you do not have all expansion some of the cards can fly around a bit, because the boxes are not entirely full. I put some bubble wrap inside the affected boxes to prevent this. (The red death is missing (coming soon))
If you have all the expansions the boxes are perfect for sleeved cards.
I like the four seperated boxes for the four characters, it speeds up the build-up of the game.

Omid Taban-Franz
Smart insert

- down to 2 boxes with all cards sleeved, great!!
- almost all the cards sorted in one box while having all the books and hero miniatures in the other box.
- card types are all separated in different boxes --> quick setup and easy access on the table. Especially having a small tray for every player with all combat/D cards in it, upgrading is so much easier while sorted, love it!
-> In summary smart insert which reduce boxes AND makes setup and gameplay much easier!

Bestes Inlay für Tainted Grail !

Absolut Top! Natürlich ist der Preis ziemlich hoch (185€ inkl. dem Inlay für die Monster), aber von 7 Boxen auf nur noch 3 runter, die Box schließt KOMPLETT :), man kann sie auch hochkant stellen und für mich das Wichtigste.... dicke Premium Sleeves passen PERFEKT !! Und es bleibt sogar noch etwas Platz über. Die Aufteilung der Monsterbox ist genial. Da muss man erst mal drauf kommen.
Absolut zufrieden und hoffe auf weitere Inlays für Spiele die wir haben.

Tony Miersba
Super durchdacht

Die Printqualität ist super und sehr Sauber. Sämtliches Spielmaterial passt, inkl. sleeved Cards, vollständig in 2 statt 4 Kartons. Bedienungsanleitung ist leicht verständlich und detailliert genug. Ich bin alles in allem sehr zufrieden.

Rigo Garcia

Good quality! Everything you need to store fits perfectly. All 100% sleeved. As a matter of fact, there ends up being more space in the trays than you'd expect. I am storing all 3 campaigns, Niamh, Red Death, Echoes of the past, and companions. It all stores in main box and SG box. The Red Death box, Echos of the past box and companions box could be thrown away if you want. It also came much much faster than the quoted delivery estimation. EU to USA. Very impressive delivery time.