Terraforming Mars - Big Box Tiles Upgrade - 4 Tiles

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  • 3D printed Tiles Upgrade Pack for the Terraforming Mars Big Box
  • Board game not included
  • Replaces the tiles included in the game with multi-colored 3D Tiles
  • No assembly required
  • Weight “With Storage”: 25 g
  • Weight “Without Storage”: 20 g
  • PDF instruction


 Basic data

  • Includes 4 tiles
  • Color Scheme:
    • Color Scheme A (Realistic appearance):
      - All Special Tiles (except Lava Flow & Nuclear Zone) are silver & brown)
    • Color Scheme B (Easier identification):
      - Lava Flow: red & brown
      - Nuclear Zone: orange & brown
      - Special Tiles (Cities): silver & brown
      - Special Tiles (Not Cities): orange & brown
      - Capital: white & brown
  • Please note: The tiles can be identified by a small symbol on top and a bigger symbol on the bottom.
  • An add-on for our 3D Tiles Storage System is available optionally.



  • City - Field-Capped City
  • Deimos Down
  • Great Dam
  • Magnetic Field Generators

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ricardo M.d.F.

Very good customer service. Tiles are very nice and were sent quick and well packaged.

Ed Hughes

Tinkering paws does great work. Their terraforming mars tiles look just like the card art and are generally better than the official ones that come with the big box. A few of their tiles are a bit lackluster, such as the ecological zone, and their ocean tiles are arguably not the best, but overall I´m thrilled with their product and proud to show it off at the game store.

David Crowe

Good quality and great detail.


Was soll ich noch sagen.... Einfach nur schön, optisch ein Genuss. DAS ! ist Spiel ! Terraforming Mars wird dadurch beinahe unschlagbar.


We had already purchased another companies tiles, but we later purchased the tile organizers from tinkering paws. Now we added the new terraforming mars big box exclusive tiles from Tinkering Paws. They are excellent and we just included them with our others. We have major bling for Terraforming Mars because it is probably the game that makes it to the table more than any other.....you can see 2 of them played for the first time here!