Terraforming Mars - 90 Tiles Pack

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  • 3D printed tiles pack for Terraforming Mars
  • Board game not included
  • Replaces the tiles included in the game with multi-colored 3D Tiles
  • No assembly required
  • Weight “Full Set”: 460 g
  • Weight „Greenery“, „Cities“, „Oceans: 40 g
  • PDF instruction


 Basic data

  • Includes 90 tiles
  • Color Scheme:
    • Color Scheme A (Realistic appearance):
      - All Special Tiles (except Lava Flow & Nuclear Zone) are silver & brown
    • Color Scheme B (Easier identification):
      - Lava Flow: red & brown
      - Nuclear Zone: orange & brown
      - Special Tiles (Cities): silver & brown
      - Special Tiles (Not Cities): orange & brown
      - Capital: white & brown
  • Please note: The tiles can be identified by a small symbol on top and a bigger symbol on the bottom.



Base Game:

  • Generic City Tile - 16x
  • Greenery Tile - 23x
  • Water Tile - 9x
  • City - Capital
  • City - Corporate Stronghold
  • City - Cupola City
  • City - Domed Crater
  • City - Ganymed Colony
  • City - Immigrant City
  • City - Noctis City
  • City - Open City
  • City - Phobos Haven
  • City - Research Outpost
  • City - Underground City
  • City - Urbanized Area
  • Greenery - Mangroves
  • Greenery - Plantation
  • Greenery - Protected Valley
  • Commercial District
  • Ecological Zone
  • Industrial Center
  • Lava Flow
  • Mining Area
  • Mining Rights
  • Mohole Area
  • Nature Reserve
  • Nuclear Zone
  • Restricted Zone


  • City - Space Port


  • City - Early Settlement
  • City - Lava Tube Settlement
  • City - Self-Sufficient Settlement
  • Greenery - Experimental Forest

Venus Next

  • City - Dawn City
  • City - Gyropolis
  • City - Lunar Metropolis
  • City - Maxwell Base
  • City - Stratopolis


  • City - Cultural Metropolis
  • City - Stanford Torus
  • Greenery - Wildlife Dome

Big Box:

  • City - Field-Capped City
  • Deimos Down
  • Great Dam
  • Magnetic Field Generators

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Tony Dixon
Quality and Value

I have only purchased the smaller packages of greenery tiles and cities, but they are all of very good quality and reasonably priced.
.The shipping is also more reasonable than other companies and worth the longer wait for the purchase to arrive.
However I wish they would consider custom orders as other 3D printing companies do as sometimes I have no use for some of the tiles in a collection.
For that reason alone, I sometimes use other sellers who are more accommodating in that way.

Gabor Rozsa
Wonderful details

It's the best available tile set for Terraforming Mars. Period.

Just awesome

High quality pieces.

Lee Ambolt
Amazing upgrade

These were even better than expected, amazing quality and fantastic design; since we play Terraforming Mars every week it was worth every euro to enhance the experience with these, and the storage system is absolutely brilliant. So glad I went for the "realistic" oceans as well as these are great. I went for the high vis orange special tiles variant, the only complaint my wife had was that the standard cities are so nice, that she sometimes got disappointed with the special cities, some of which aren't quite as "grand" :)


Really nice 3d-printed tiles for Terraforming Mars. There are quite a few alternatives here on Etsy but these are outstanding. I ordered them together with the storage system.