Terraforming Mars - Tiles Storage System

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  • 3D printed Storage System for our Terraforming Mars 3D Tiles
  • 3D tiles not included
  • No assembly required
  • Weight “Full Box with Lid”: 250 g
  • Weight “Full Box w/o Lid”: 190 g
  • Weight “Additional Deck”: 70 g
  • Weight “Only Lid”: 60 g
  • PDF instruction


 Basic data

  • Stores all 90 tiles form our Terraforming Mars Tiles Pack,
  • ... or up to 79 tiles from our Fan Expansion Tiles Packs.
  • Storage System can be extended with more decks. Each additional deck will store 28 tiles.
  • Openings on the bottom facilitate the removal of the tiles.
  • Storage System can be stored in any big expansion box (Turmoil, Colonies, etc.). However, that box will no longer fully close.



  • 4 stackable storage boxes
  • 1 lid (optional)

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Gabor Rozsa

Really helpful, fits into original expansion boxes.

Lee Ambolt

Since we've bought a huge stash of these tiles, this system is indispensable, compact and lightweight just unstack the trays to the table and you're ready to go.


In my opinion it is without any alternatives when ordering the 3d-printed tiles to do so with this storage system. The lid is really optional since it fits right into the original box of the base game. In combination with the deluxe player boards the lid doesn't close completely anymore but it is fine for me (~ 1 cm gap). Without the deluxe player boards, it fits completely into the box. Maybe the insert piece for holding the three flat tiles could be a little more robust, but I'm very happy with the storage system.

Lynda Soucy

I thought this storage system would be thicker. It's fragile but it makes the storing of the tiles easy. I like the color. Overall it's well made.


Gorgeous pieces and look great. I was shocked to see someone selling 3D tiles for fan expansions!!!