Wolfenstein: The Board Game - Board Game Insert

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  • 3D printed board game insert for Wolfenstein: The Board Game
  • Board game not included
  • No assembly required
  • Weight: See content list.
  • PDF instruction
  • Video instruction


 Basic data

  • Supported expansions:
    • 3D Terrain Kit
    • All-Stars
    • The Old Blood
    • Kickstarter exclusive content and Stretch Goals
  • Supports vertical storage: Yes
  • Supports card sleeves: Yes - Up to 100 μm (microns) thickness
  • Box fully closes: Yes


Full Version ("Everything")

  • Weight: 1060 g
  • Required Boxes: Base Game Box & one Expansion Box


  • 6 Miniature Boxes
  • 7 Token Boxes
  • 3 Miscellaneous Boxes
  • 3 Card Boxes
  • 9 Terrain Boxes


3D Terrain Only

  • Weight: 390 g
  • Required Boxes: One Expansion Box


  • 9 Terrain Boxes
  • 2 Token Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jolanda Rouwendal-Graaf
Excellent fit

Amazing how everything fits inside the main box and one expansion box. This even includes the 3D terrain pieces :-)

D Hill
Exceptional organizer

This is my 4th organizer that I’ve purchased from Tinkering Paws. The last two have been astounding. Having stuffed every Resident Evil 3 Kickstarter extra into one box for game play and a smaller box for terrain extras; their last storage solution was perfect. They have somehow impossibly succeeded in doing the same for Wolfenstein! How their cat is able to figure out the Tetris style storage is awe inspiring. Very ingenious and intelligent paws indeed.

Omid Taban-Franz
Awesome product

Excellent, sorted everything and good to go for gaming! So happy that the terrain plastic is now sorted which was a mess before!