Newsletter #7: Stark Trek Ascendancy, Devil May Cry, Terraforming Mars & The Great Wall

As autumn is about to start, we have a whole bunch of new products for you. Let's have a closer look at them!

Star Trek Ascendancy

With the new Breen and Dominion War expansions, we needed to update our insert. It will now support every expansion, all Escalation Packs, Dice Packs and 3D Starbases. The new version can even be stored vertical.

In order to store everything, you will need the base game box and the Dominion war box. In case you don't own the Dominion War expansion, we will still sell the old version of the insert wich requires only the base game box.

Of course there is also an Update Pack available for customers who already own the old insert.

Star Wars Ascandency Board Game Insert - New Version

The new version of the Star Trek Ascendancy board game insert, which can be found here. For the old version, have a look here.

If you are searching for the Upgrade Pack, it is available here.

Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace

It is time to hunt some demons! With our insert for Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace you can store the base game, all three expansions and Kickstarter exclusive content in only two boxes! Of course it supports vertical storage and card sleeves.
If you don't own any expansions, but you would still like to buy our insert: We got you covered! A slimmed-down version that only supports the base game is also available.

Don't waste any time! Get your Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace insert here!

The Great Wall

You are not interested in hunting demons? Well how about defending the Great Wall of China against the invading Mongolian hordes? No problem with our The Great Wall insert!

It supports the miniature version of the game (not the meeple version). It will store all expansions and Kickstarter exclusive content. Card sleeves are also supported, but no vertical storage is possible this time.

Get the The Great Wall board game insert here!

Terraforming Mars: New Fan Expansions

It looks like some people NEVER get enough of Terraforming Mars. So here are some new Tiles Packs for Terraforming Mars Fan Expansions!

The first one is Mercury vs. Mars and you can find it here.

The next one is High Orbit - available here.

Another new addition: DaBlueSheep Prelude tiles - available here.

The last completely new Tiles Pack: Corporate Betterment - available here.

Not new, but it got an update: Our The Moon Tiles Pack. Five new tiles, one new adjacency indicator and three new markers. You can find the Tiles Pack here. If you are interested in only the new components, please contact us directly!


That is all for now! Have a lot of fun playing your favourite board games, and see you soon!

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